Tape Drive cleaning

  • 8 February 2023
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Hey All,


we had an stupid error. We are using an Tape Library with 3 Drives. We have defined that commvault should do the cleaning of the drives and not the library. It works for 2 of 3 drives but 1 Drive is not cleaning automaticaly. The cleaning works manuall but not automaticly. 


Offline Reason:Drive indicates that cleaning is required. For a regular library ensure that you have cleaning tapes in the cleaning pool of the library. Then right-click the drive and choose clean option. For standalone, insert the cleaning tape into the drive manually and wait for it to unload after cleaning is completed. Then right-click the drive to mark it as cleaned.
MediaAgent (SCSI ID)::fs100** (Scsi3:0:1:0): Accessible


Do you have any idear ?


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Hello @SSchmidt 

Can you provide a screenshot of the Drive tab under the Library properties? We would need to know the criteria for CV to initiate the auto-cleaning.