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I am checking out Commvault ‘Analytics’.
First remark: I don’t know *** about that.
One of the reasons is also because I don’t see many posts about that, so I think it’s not used a lot. (this is the first Analytics tag :p )
That said, I have a question regarding that, and I apologize for the end-user question :) (no, couldn’t find it in the docs).

within Commvault Analytics webconsole, I created an object (cube?) within the File System data source, and Commvault did crawl the data.

If I open it, I get also the data...great. So far so good


Within that view, I get the data that I wanted.
My question: how do I export this to CSV?

When looking in the docs, I only see that export for the “file analytics” & “email analytics.


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Hello @Bart,


Not sure if you are using Data Analytics or Data Cube by your description.

Export for analytics:

Export for cube:

This is for 11.23 so your mileage may vary.


Thank you,

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@gjack : I don”t know :)

I’m in this:

=> File System

which then gives this:


=> There is no file option in that view

=> There is no Show Table Menu 104484.png, and then click Export to CSV.

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@Bart I think you need this:


Send the Current Data View as an Email Attachment

Send the current data view to a specified email address as an email attachment.

  1. In the upper-right corner of the current data view, click File > Email .

  2. In the Email Report dialog box, click a Format option to convert the current data view to a specified file type.

  3. In the Email Recipient(s) box, type the full email address where you want to send the current data view.

    To email multiple recipients, type each full email address in the Email Recipient(s) box separated by a comma.

    For example:,, ...

  4. Click Submit.

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@Mike Struening : but the problem is, there is no “file” option. 

The only options I have is:

(sorry, can’t share full screenshots for privacy reasons)

I think you are giving the option for normal reports, but we are not talking about normal reports, but about Analytics

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ok, I found it . (gmbl).

From the standard file system search, you cannot export it (it seems, not sure if it’s normal tho).
I pressed the “clone” button, created a new report from it.
In that report you can export it to pdf/html (but not csv :’( )

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@Bart the links @gjack sent refer to emailing analytics reports, though I found instructions for getting a csv.  Can you click the little gear icon and see if you get the option?  What are the dropdowns under “New Report”?

I see this under Email analytics


  1. Log on to Web Console.

  2. Click Analytics, and then go to File Analytics or Email Analytics:

    • Click File Analytics.

    • Click Email Analytics.

  3. At the top of the page, click Download Reports.

    Each available CSV file appears in the list.

  4. Under Action, click Download.

  5. When the download is complete, save or open the file.

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  • “click File Analytics.

  • Click Email Analytics.”

that’s not the same.See earlier screenshot. File/Email analytics are the first 2 entries, but that’s not the option that I’m using, but I’m selecting the “file system” (connector).

But see my previous remark, I found a way to export it. (but of course, at the same time I also discovered 2 new bugs :p )



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Appreciate it, @Bart   I’ll have to ask around, then.  Apologies that the links were not for your use case.

I’m not seeing the documentation match the experience on my lab, either.  Seems like we have links for File analytics and email analytics, but not File System which I now see you are using.

Hello @Bart 

In the file system search page, click on the settings icon it has an export to csv option. 


Thanks !!

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FYI @Bart I’m talking to the documentation team to ensure this gets into our online docs!

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@Bart , following up to confirm you were able to use the Gear icon to Export to CSV.