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  • 7 March 2022
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Hi all, 



I have COMM Vault Version 11.2 installed in OracleLinux7. From time to time, a few Oracle databases v.  are  UNKOWN in COMM Vault dialog box. 

I have checked the permissions of the user connection -C##DBAAS_BACKUP, granted as SYSDBA-, as well as the user catalog and RMAN connection. 

Both are find, but for an strange reason, sometimes my connection is UNKOWN. 

However, if I change C##DBAAS_BACKUP to SYS, the connection comes back to OPEN. This is a weird behavior, since I have mentioned before, this specific user has all the permissions required. Any idea?





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Hi @Laura 


Could you connect to the db using the following syntax as the oracle user 

sqlplus ‘C##DBAAS_BACKUP@SERVICENAME’ as sysdba


Replace the servicename with the name in use


If this works then it should work from commvault, if it still fails then increase the debug on ClOraAgent 

(How to increase debug click here)


From commvault console Oracle instance, click on refresh and check the ClOraAgent.log on the oracle server for the exact error or the query it fails.


Also refer Oracle User account



Gowri Shankar