What Happens if Exchange Online Archive Job is Deleted?

  • 23 June 2021
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We’re just starting to migrate to Exchange Online and have the backups (archiving) of mailboxes configured in Commvault.  From reading other posts on here, I understand that we’ll end up keeping a large number of the archive jobs as if 1 email is still valid in the job then it will be retained.

What I’m trying to work out is what would happen if one or more of the archive jobs are deleted.

Would the next archive job to run know that the emails were no longer in the archive and pick them up? Or because they have already existed in the archive index they will be skipped?

The only way I can think to test is to delete a job and see what happens, but would prefer not to risk it if someone knows the answer for sure!



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To keep a long story short all job are going to need to remain for the Mailbox Agent.  You can not prune off jobs from the client as it can have adverse affects on restores and on the index.

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Thanks, Chris - I thought as much, but thought I’d double check.  It’s very frustrating as the reality of the situation is that you end up having to keep every Exchange Online backup job forever.  I read somewhere that Commvault were looking to develop a way of consolidating the older jobs, but no sign of it yet.