Where are my the copies of my OneDrive backups stored?

  • 24 October 2023
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Earlier this year I switched my OneDrive backups from V1 to V2 backups and it was a problematic exercise that took several months and several support tickets to get working.  I’m trying to confirm our retention and storage for the auditors and an having some difficulty.  When I sign on to the Command Center, I see that OneDrive backups use the OneDrive BU V2 plan (Command Center > Protect > Office365 > OneDrive for Business > OneDrive_V2 > Content).  Clicking the OneDrive BU V2 link, I see the retention is set to 3 years (1095 days) but that it doesn’t specify the backup copies.  

Plans > OneDrive BU V2 > 3 year retention

If I go into Protect > Office365 > OneDrive for Business > OneDrive_V2 > Configuration, in the Infrastructure settings section I see Server Plan is O365_Plan.  

Office 365 > IneDrive_V2 > Server plan = O365_Plan


If I click on the O365_Plan link, I see that there are three copies of the backups although one is a Snapshot primary copy so I’m really focused on the Primary and Dash to DR copies.

Plans > O365_Plan > Backup destinations

What’s confusing is that this shows only a two week retention period. 

So my question is:  Where do I see details on the copies of OneDrive backups that are retained for three years?

Any help is appreciated.



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Retention that is set on the server plan or storage policy (legacy) is ignored entirely when backing up non-cycle based, forever incremental, agents such as OneDrive, Exchange mailbox, SharePoint online, Teams, etc. 

Retention is bound entirely by the Mailbox or office 365 plan associated to the user, and retention of that data is the same across all copies. 

IE: You cannot have a secondary copy with different retention than the primary when it comes to the above agents. All copies would be identical in that regard. 

Please see example: