Which copies do people run varification on?

  • 5 September 2023
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Hello everyone,

I have a storage policy with three copies:

  1. Primary on disk at my main data center
  2. Secondary on disk at my DR site
  3. Secondary on Metallic cloud storage

Following the failure to restore a production system last week it was found that none of my copies had verification enabled.  My question is:  Should I turn on verification for all three copies?

Any recommendations would be appreciated.



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6 replies

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Hi @Ken_H ,

Good day!


It’s good to run verification on the disk copies so that data integrity will be checked on the daily basis. 


Not required to schedule a verification job for the metallic copy. 

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Hi @Ken_H,

Good day.

Please schedule the DDB verification for the disk copies.

Note: Due to the durable nature of cloud storage products, multiple replicas stored across availability zones, and the cost to perform read operations, data verification is not required for cloud libraries.




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Hello @Ken_H 

DDB Data Verification is run on all DDBs (no matter the copy) by default based on a System Created DDB Verification schedule. While true that Cloud copies are less likely to have their “at-rest” data affected in some way, it is not impossible and on occasion does occur.

Note that with Cloud Copies you will be charged egress when running a DDB Verf from an on-prem MediaAgent so it is best practice to setup a Cloud-Based MediaAgent in the same region as the bucket to avoid egress charges.

There is no default or automatic verification for tape copies since 1) they do not have associated DDBs and 2) usually tapes are sent off-site so a non-DDB Data Verification usually is not feasible to run, though if you had all tapes in the library you can run a non-DDB Data Verification on-demand.


Thank you,

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This… this is going to take a while.  It’s been running just over 4 days right now.


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My CommVault installation hates me:


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I’ve opened a support ticket for someone from CommVault to look at why my backups are such a disaster.