Windows Server 2022 local firewall excludes

  • 10 April 2023
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Hi All,


maybe you can give me an hint. I have an new windows server 2022 mediaagent in a remote datacenter wich is needed for auxcopy. The connection between source and destination ma is over an vpn and there are no rules aktive. 


When we have the windows domain firewall aktive we get a lot of chunk errors and we get errors during connecting the ddbs, 


i run the the AddFWExclusions script in the base folder but i think there are a lot of processes and ports missing. 


is there an instruction or another possibility to set all needed commvault processes and ports into the local windows firewall ? 

1 reply

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For a media agent, you only need a single port open in a single direction (with network settings configured properly in Commvault) - but to make it easier, open port 8400 and 8403 in the firewall bidirectionally. Commvault will automatically tunnel over 8403 if open. Opening 8400 allows the CommServe to send firewall/network configuration changes to the Media Agent (future proofing).

This way you don't even have to configure the networking in Commvault - it *should* be automatic.