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  • 11 October 2021
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I have a requirement to back up data from a server then delete it from the source once complete.  Commvault doesn’t have this feature natively so thinking a workflow.  Does anyone know if there is a workflow currently available that does that?


Best answer by Chris Hollis 11 October 2021, 03:15

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4 replies

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Hey guys, thanks for the response.  It’s a Windows server hosting Splunk data.  Older info is sent to a drive on the server.  Every 6 months we send this to tape and delete off the source.  I had another backup product in place which could do this natively, but Commvault doesn’t have that capability that I know of, so looking to script something.

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@Chris Hollis has it right.  The pre and post scan/backup options allow you to do pretty much anything (Workflows even more!).

You’d just set up a post backup script to delete the contents and you should be good since it won’t work if the backup doesn’t complete.

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Hi @Cameron,

Hope you’re well.

What kind of data are we talking about here?

As far as i’m aware, there are no inbuilt options that do this... I believe you could however create and then execute a batchfile that does this as part of a ‘postbackup’ process of a job e.g.

If you’re talking about archive data (e.g. mailbox), we can configure jobs to clean up messages that fit a certain criteria, including delete, for more information about this please refer to:

Let me know what type of data you’re needing to remove and I’ll see what else I can find.



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Hey @Cameron 


As Chris mentioned already, What is the environment and type of data here?


For instance, if it’s regular servers (Windows or Unix) / NAS clients / data coming from filers such as Netapp or Celera, then archiving solution can be used to archive data for short / long term retention and then the data is automatically deleted from source.