Backup Tape Reporting

  • 16 May 2024
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Is there a better way to see Backup Tape statistics besides the Tape Library Growth report on the health page? I am being asked to provide the following:
Tapes per week are we using per week?

TB of space by week?

Available tapes do we have new/old tapes?

How many new ones?

New tape consumptions over the next few weeks??

I can get some of this out of that report but not all. I thought I would propose this to the community before I open a low level case with Commvault support. Thank you for your help.

1 reply

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Hi @sekreber ,


Unfortunately there is no report which can provide you all those details, you will have to determine them manually. Howevere, there is an option for custom report but that is chargable. If you are ok with it, you can raise an incident with us.