SLA does not include all VMs

  • 1 December 2023
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Our backup is connected to the VmWare VMs that are divided into two clusters:
- vcsa-sap.seab.lan , whose VMs are present in the SLA
- vcsa.seab.lan, whose VMs are not present in the SLA

On 30 October 2023, the certificate of vcsa.seab.lan was renewed and since then the VMs have disappeared from the Commvault SLA on the Command Centre page.


Before the certificate was renewed, there were 90 VMs in both clusters.
Now only those of the vcsa-sap.seab.lan cluster are present (43 VMs) but not those of the vcsa.seab.lan cluster.



I need instructions on how to proceed in order to add the new certificate in Commvault and restore the correct functioning of the SLA

Thank you

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@Carmine Bollettino 

Just to confirm, you are still backing up on vcsa.seab.lan right?

Also, what feature release / maIntenance release are you running at the moment?