Upgrading Commvault SQL Database

  • 4 August 2021
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Our Database team which handles SQL servers and SQL databases has sent us a notice that they are wanting to upgrade the SQL Database from 2014 to 2019. 

Hello Team,

BKR-BKCOM-01/COMMVAULT is still running on an old version of SQL 2014, hence we need to upgrade the server to latest version of 2019. Can you help us on how to proceed?

This is a physical server so we need a new physical server to host the 2019 version then move the databases. Once tested, then we can offline the old 2014 version and online the new server to production.

I don't know if they are saying they want a new server for the Commvault Commserve or if they are hinting at their own server, which makes no sense why he added that in the email. Our specs for the commserve easily matches the SQL recommendations for 2019. 


My only thing i need help on is besides the article:

Is there any other documents or things i need to take notice before we begin the process of upgrading the SQL database?




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5 replies

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I would make sure they are not looking to share the SQL instance/server as we definitely recommend having it’s own server.

Otherwise, you have the right article with the right details!

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@TP_Erickson For what it is worth. 

Our Comserv server is a VM.   When we upgraded to 11.20.32 we also did the in place upgrade for the SQL version from 2014 to 2016.   This was a big mistake, we should not have done both changes at once.  We ran into a lot of performance issues after those updates.  It was hard to tell what caused the slow downs.   We saw the CPU for the comserv/SQL server was much higher than before the updates.  We ended up having to double the CPU and the memory of the VM to help, but that was not enough.  We had several critical tickets open with development and had several patches and settings adjusted to get close to the performance we had prior to the SQL and Commvault update.
  I do not want to scare you, but try to take baby steps if possible, and be sure to have some performance points to monitor before and after the changes.   

   Best of luck!


Hi, today the link is not working. Now the procedure for upgrade the DB SQL to 2019 is through uninstall and reinstall the commserve and sql.

Is the only way actually supported?


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@MelchiottiChristian , not working for me either.  I have a request into our dev team to find out why.

My initial guess is that they moved the doc, but I’ll keep you posted once I find out!

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Heard back, the various upgrade docs were combined into 1.  The doc you have is the supported method.