Begging For Single Sign On for all Commvault resources

  • 3 August 2022
  • 4 replies

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I have the following Commvault accounts.

  1. Maint Advantage for various customers
  2. Cloud login
  3. Partner Advantage
  4. Community Login


Would it be possible to create a SSO so I only require a single Commvault Identity?

What does the Community think?

4 replies

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Yes, the MA login should work on all commvault sites.

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I can't login with the same username password combo on the partner advantage, this is a separate account.

I can log on to maintenance advantage, cloud and community using SSO.

So either I have an SSO issue on partner advantage or there is an actual authentication difference.

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You can only have one maint advantage account per customer. This is a problem when you are a vendor.

Solutions are.


  1. Create multiple email alias’s on your email , and use those.
  2. Create a generic account for each customer. 
  3. If you have a login in customer domain, with email address, use that

Option one is what use, but it would be nice if CV would let you use same email address for multiple MA accounts


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Ah that explains the difference between our login experience, I have a CASP account

Interesting though that CCID's can't be connected to a central vendor account, I can see all our customers with one account