How to backup NFS export?

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What is the best way to backup NFS export presented by EMC VNX Storage ?

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Hi @Jean-Paul 

We have the Network Share backup client that can protect NFS exports. See the documentation here -

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks

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Thank you,

As I understand from the KB, I must first install a Linux server and then mount the NFS export from the EMC VNX array?


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Yes, NFS exports can only be backed up from a Linux server acting as the access node. If you have an existing Linux media agent in the environment you could use that as the access node. 


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@Jean-Paul you will have to mount the NFS share first to be able to protect it or were you thinking of a different method? what kind of data is stored on the NFS shares? how much data is it and what kind of data.

@Matt Medvedeff pointed out for file-level backup you will have to use an access node, but depending on the environment you could of course also leverage the MA for this.

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Thanks for your answer.

  1. Need to install a Linux OS.
  2. Mount the NFS Exports from VNX.
  3. Install commvault Linux file system and file system core. Do I also need to install on that Server Media agent?
  4. Create NAS client and at content add the NFS Export