How to backup NFS export?

  • 29 May 2022
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What is the best way to backup NFS export presented by EMC VNX Storage ?


Best answer by Matt Medvedeff 7 July 2022, 23:11

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7 replies

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Hi @Jean-Paul 

We have the Network Share backup client that can protect NFS exports. See the documentation here -

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks

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Thank you,

As I understand from the KB, I must first install a Linux server and then mount the NFS export from the EMC VNX array?


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Yes, NFS exports can only be backed up from a Linux server acting as the access node. If you have an existing Linux media agent in the environment you could use that as the access node. 


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@Jean-Paul you will have to mount the NFS share first to be able to protect it or were you thinking of a different method? what kind of data is stored on the NFS shares? how much data is it and what kind of data.

@Matt Medvedeff pointed out for file-level backup you will have to use an access node, but depending on the environment you could of course also leverage the MA for this.

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Thanks for your answer.

  1. Need to install a Linux OS.
  2. Mount the NFS Exports from VNX.
  3. Install commvault Linux file system and file system core. Do I also need to install on that Server Media agent?
  4. Create NAS client and at content add the NFS Export


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Hi @Jean-Paul 

Apologies for the delayed response. You do not need to install a Media Agent, all we need is a FileSystem agent installed. 

If you have a Linux MA already, you could leverage this machine as an access node (many customers choose to do this as it doesnt require any additional software to deploy and the MA is typically a powerful box)

Follow the steps here to deploy and configure -

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Thank you