Improving Backup Performance of NFS Share?

  • 9 June 2022
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I am backing up a fairly large NFS volume off a Netapp using the network share for NAS method.  There are a mix of large files and many small files.  Is it normal for a full backup to take several days (3-4) to complete?  How can I improve the speed? 

Currently I have a Linux Media Agent that is configured as the data access node.  Would performance increase if I add additional access nodes?


Best answer by Onno van den Berg 9 June 2022, 20:27

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5 replies

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Backup performance can be improved by:

  • using multiple access nodes
  • and/or an increase of the amount of data readers
  • and/or the use of multiple subclients

As you are using a NetApp I would also recommend to look into →

Do mind to monitor the array closely when you are using a FAS model (with spinning disks) to watch for congestion and an increase of latency. 

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Thanks @Onno van den Berg I’ll try using more access nodes.  Appreciate the other tips too!

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Can you not utilize storage  snapshot based backups..we have implemented such a solution and the backup jut takes mintues

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@Theseeker yes we are taking snap first and then pulling the backup copy after… the backup copy portion is what’s taking so long.


Hope you’re not just relying on snaps!

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Indeed relying on snaps alone (depending on the underlying solution) is not a backup ;-)