Clients re- deployed using Jenkins + Ansible... how to make them re- register?

  • 30 June 2021
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Some clients are being re- deployed using Jenkins + Ansible... This re- deployment contains a decoupled install of the CVLT agent.
After re- deployment, we need to go to "Client Computers", "New Client", "Unix", then enter the Client Name and Host Name along with "Fetch the configuration from the client that is installed in decoupled mode".
What would be the best way to automate this, so one could skip the above steps... ? Can this be done from the client side...? (.SImwrapper tool maybe?)

Any advice on this would be VERY much appreciated.. 

Thank you..

Best regards
Kim Rubeck Solstar


Best answer by Rakesh Sharma 30 June 2021, 17:12

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4 replies

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Hey @RubeckDK !  Definitely an interesting question.  I moved this to Share Your Best Practices as a conversation as we have seen the best responses in that area.

My initial thought is a workflow, but that’s on the CS end, and I don’t know how often you are doing this (and you’d need to trigger it off some action).

Wrapping it client side is likely best, so I’ve reached out to some internal folks for assistance, though I imagine some of our community members will have some solid advice as well!

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Hi @RubeckDK ,

Simcallwrapper tool would be the best way to automate this. Managing all the commands would be easier if run just on the client.

deployment can be done by using the authcode which doesn’t need any commcell credentials

The above doc links has the details on registering the client using simcallwrapper tool.


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Hi @Mike Struening and @Rakesh Sharma 

Thanks a lot for your input, guys… I’ll see if I can get away with using the simcallwrapper tool only to keep it simple. ;-)
If not, I’ll have a look into creating a workflow.. 

Have an awesome day.. 



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You too, @RubeckDK !!