Configuring HPE StoreOnce Catalyst (Gen 4) within Commvault

  • 5 January 2021
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While configuring HPE StoreOnce Gen 4 Appliance if "Public Access" is disabled, the end-user will need to create a dedicated Catalyst Client so Backup Application can access the Catalyst Store

Steps Required:

  • Navigate to Actions and select “Catalyst Settings”

  • Once you are in "Catalyst Setting" navigate to permissions and press the “…” and select “Add Client”


  • Provide a name that matches your need (i.e CV_Backup) -> enter this detail as you Username during Catalyst Store Creation


  • Press Add and then you have successfully created a "Client" within HPE StoreOnce


  • Important Note

    • You will also need to navigate back to the Catalyst Store and set the “Access to enabled”



  • Once the Catalyst Client is created, when creating the Catalyst Library from Commvault input the same Username and Password, at this point the Detection and creation should work


3 replies

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Hello @Winston W, The client created in Commvault is the Media agent which access to the store ?

When we create the disk library from the HPE catalyst “additionnal settings” it asks for user and password, is it for this use case ?


Thank you


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Hi @Bloopa yes, it’s for the Media Agent.

If you have public access enabled, then you can use the admin login of HPE but it has security concerns. The practice mentioned above happens when you use “Public Access”

Using client access per Store is a better option.

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Legendary, @Winston W !