Configuring HPE StoreOnce Catalyst (Gen 4) within Commvault

  • 5 January 2021
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While configuring HPE StoreOnce Gen 4 Appliance if "Public Access" is disabled, the end-user will need to create a dedicated Catalyst Client so Backup Application can access the Catalyst Store

Steps Required:

  • Navigate to Actions and select “Catalyst Settings”

  • Once you are in "Catalyst Setting" navigate to permissions and press the “…” and select “Add Client”


  • Provide a name that matches your need (i.e CV_Backup) -> enter this detail as you Username during Catalyst Store Creation


  • Press Add and then you have successfully created a "Client" within HPE StoreOnce


  • Important Note

    • You will also need to navigate back to the Catalyst Store and set the “Access to enabled”



  • Once the Catalyst Client is created, when creating the Catalyst Library from Commvault input the same Username and Password, at this point the Detection and creation should work


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