Home Labs! Show us what you have!

  • 16 August 2021
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I bet that many of you have some VERY impressive home lab setups….so let’s see them!

Share your home lab or home office setup for bragging rights and internet points!

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Up until recently, I was rocking a dual E5-2670 SR0KX setup - these chips were incredibly popular a few years ago as datacenters were dumping them out by the thousands on the 2nd-hand market. I paid about $70 each about 5 years ago for them. Also picked up a used motherboard and 128 GB of memory, a case that supported the weird form factor of the motherboard (EEATX).

I ran a VMware 6.7 setup with single-node VSAN using a consumer SSD and standard 3 TB disk picked up off ebay - was rock solid and performant - single node VSAN improves performance dramatically, even if it completely lacks redundancy.

Nowadays I do less infrastructure-based technical stuff, so my lab consists of a few raspberry pi’s running docker containers. I use portainer primary for managing those - no need to venture into K8s or K3s just yet, but on the todo :)