Best approach for Windows 2012 to Windows 2019 upgradeHi

  • 15 January 2024
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We have a private metrics reporting server running on Windows 2012 VM.

It has off-course SQL server as well as Web-server package. CV version is 11.28.91.

The plan is to do an in-place upgrade to Wndows 2019.


What would be the best approch for this upgrade, and what should be considred  before upgrading  ?




6 replies

This should help:

DB can still be restored in newer releases of SQL server.

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Best approach is to move metrics server to new HW:

Procedure to move onto new server:

System Requirements:


If you want to do in place then you need to upgrade OS and SQL.

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Thanks @Sebastien Merluzzi.

Deploying a new metrics server sounds like a good option.

Wouldn’t there be any dependency on the old metrics server ? or on its SQL DB ?

What would happen with all the ‘Historical data that was collected so far ?

Also forgot to mention that our current Mertrics server SQL DB  is enreprise 2012 edition.



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Hi @TNO,

We don’t have a specific procedure for upgrading a Metric Server.

It should not take long to just upgrade it.

You can clone the VM, disable the NIC(s) and do a OS upgrade to see how long it would take.

Or I would just deploy a new Metric Server:

Best Regards,



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Is it an option to upgrade the OS first ( Windows server 2012R2 → Windows server 2019),

and then upgrade the SQL ( 2012 → 2019) using a Commvault package ?



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Hi @TNO ,

Since your current version of SQL Server is 2012 Enterprise, you won’t be able to do an in-place upgrade with our installation package as the bundled version will be the Standard Edition.

If you would like to do an in-place upgrade of your current solution you will need to provide the installation and Licensing for a new Enterprise Edition.

The best and simplest approach would be to move the Private Metrics to a new host as previously shared by @Jacek Piechucki