Clients with unistalled agents still show version

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I have uninstalled all client agents from a host, the upgrade status shows as not applicable.

The client now only has VM agent backups occurring. While all other VM backup clients show v 11.00, these clients still retain the agent version. Is there any way to resolve this as it is ruining day. 



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Does this cause any issues?

Is this from Commserve Console or Remote Console?

Did you close/reopen it?

Do have the same from Command Center?


Meanwhile I will check with Engineering.


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This problem is both in Java console and the Web console. consoles have been reopened on a number of occasions.

What is interesting is that two of the nodes still show agents being installed. When I log onto the host I can see that the software has been removed.





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OK, yes, might need a reboot, you can try that.

I believe this is only cosmetic and not creating any problems?

But if you log a case with Support, Engineering can provide a script to update the Sql Table.