Commserve upgrade from SP 16 to 11.32

  • 10 November 2023
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Hi Experts,


I have an old setup running in Commvault version 11.16 and I am planning to upgrade to 11.32. Could you please help me to get the details how can I achive without interrupt the services ?


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3 replies

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HI @ShasRaj ,

This is not possible, upgrading will have to stop and start the Commvault services.

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Depending on the specs of the underlying system you have to take into account a maintenance window of 30-60 minutes for the CommServe upgrading without the check database consistency option enabled. 

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As mentioned, you will have to account for an outage to upgrade.

Note you will need to upgrade twice.  First to 2022E, then to 2023E.

Upgrading the CommServe Computer

“If the CommServe server is at Service Pack 16 or a previous service pack, and you want to update it to Commvault Platform Release 2023 or a more recent platform release, you must first update the CommServe server to Platform Release 2022E.”