Upgrading Commvault from 11.20 to 11.28

  • 16 January 2024
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Currently, we are using version 11.20 of Commvault on a Commserve Windows 2012 and SQL version 2012 server. The Commserve is a VM.  We want to upgrade the Commvault version to 11.28 and we need to upgrade the OS version and SQLServer to Windows 2022.

What is the correct method to follow to upgrade Commvault?
Can we  upgrade the OS and SQL version into 2022 and then install version 11.28 of Commvault : in this case, we need go through intermediate versions? Could this cause database corruption? Or is it better to rebuild the VMs?

Thank in advance for your response.

1 reply

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I think the simpliest way, especially as you are virtualized environment, would be to do what we call a hardware refresh as outlined here:

This is the easiest/fastest way…

Otherwise, please have a read of the following articles that outline how to upgrade the os and sql application: