Any File in Mountpath that can be deleted to gain some space temporarily?

  • 27 March 2024
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Is there any file in an mountpath that can be deleted to gain som space temporarily?

The data in the mountpath is Deduped.


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3 replies

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Hi @PatricG ,

We need to make sure if pruning is working fine and if needed we can run space reclamation. Would request you to raise an incident for the analysis.




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Thank you Suleman, @SMD,


For answering my distress call.

Our problem is a bit more complicated.
Commvault have taken all space of the NAS-shares so the NAS has stopped answering. We have been having tech from the producer trying to solve the issue and getting the file system fully up again. But they need som wiggle room to make it happen.

We’ve opened up a case to Commvault through our CASP to get information if there’re any files that Commvault puts in the Mountpath’s that it can live without or can recreate so that we can delete them for the moment to get some free space to work in.
Alt. since we do dash copy between two DC’s. If there is a way to see what files exist in both DC and how we can restore them if we do delete them in one DC. To restore them to the other...

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@PatricG : It is advisable to let the software take care of pruning. Any file incorrectly deleted could cause unexpected behavior. Also, if deduplication is involved, it may even be more complicated. Let us know if this is resolved.