Error occurred in Disk Media Path (Permission Denied)

  • 2 February 2023
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We keep getting the following alerts in the “Anomaly Report”:

It seems clear. The Media Agent is unable to access the Mount Path over SMB due to a permission issue. Backups don’t seem to be impacted so it feels like Commvault is doing a retry, after which is works fine. But we would like to know where this error is coming from. It doesn’t happen frequently.

We checked the Event Viewer on the Media Agent, and we do see an SMB error, but the time doesn’t match, the error on Windows is 30min before the error in Commvault. We checked the Storage where this SMB share comes from but also nothing special to see here.

I wanted to check with the Community to see where this might come from and how to troubleshoot this properly. Would this an issue with the storage, or rather the Media Agent on Windows? Or maybe an issue in Commvault?




Best answer by Jos Meijer 2 February 2023, 14:05

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Hi @Jeremy 

The ACL/authentication is being managed by the SMB host.
What might be a possible cause is when timesync is not working properly on the storage, I would check that first. If not the case and you can’t find log entries I would check this with the storage provider.

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Thanks @Jos Meijer. We’ll try that, thanks for your advice.