How can I configure one Quantum VTL DXi5000 Community Edition on Commvault?

  • 19 July 2023
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Hi, good morning.

I did install Commvault Version 11.28.70 .

Meantime on my Vcenter infrastructure I did create and install one Appliance Quantum VTL DXi 5000 Community Edition (this appliance it did develope on CentOS O.S.)

Both servers are on the same network, I can ping the vtl without problems.

I would like to know how can I make for connect/configure the VTL on my Commvault Environment.

I did try without success to configure the same on the Commvault COmmand Center with the produce : Storage/Disk/Add. ecc. I did insert the information of the server( user and password ) but when I try to insert the path (the vtl appliance it’s on CentOS O.S. ) I can’t configure correctly the path.

THanks in advance.

Best regards


2 replies

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I’m going to go on a limb here and say - maybe that is not such a good idea. My own personal opinion 😍, but VTL is a very legacy technology and brings no benefits to Commvault. Many of our competitors require a deduplication appliance since they don’t have built-in deduplication capabilities - but not so for us.

Since its VTL it should expose an emulated tape interface - so there is something you need to do to ensure your Media Agent can see the drives. I’m not sure how these work but there many be installable software that connects a tape driver to the appliance. If you want to use it as an NFS (disk) target, you should mount the NFS share to your Media Agent (assuming its linux) and then use the local path on your Media Agent. Not sure if the appliance supports SMB shares for windows - but if that is the route you are going then try access the share from the windows machine first to ensure its working before putting the path and credentials into Command Center.


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Thanks Damian for your answer.

I would like clarify you that I don’t need work with the VTL.

I did install the Commvault on my lab for study and on the different options that I can configure the Commvault I did see the possibility to work with tapes… for this reason I did install on my Lab too the Quantum VTL because I haven’t one physical library on my lab.
Thanks for your support.

I will check on the Quantum web site if exist additional information for configure this VTL on the Commvault.

Best regards