how to create metallic license library capacity dashboard widget

  • 1 December 2021
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We have CommVault Complete licensing and also Metallic Cloud Storage Service (MCSS) licensing. However, the Command Center dashboard lacks a widget for Metallic. Can someone share how to add a widget that would display the %used of a library? This would effectively show MCSS as a % of licensed use. The existing Current Capacity widget only shows the % of licensed Complete usage, not the % of storage used; the MCSS library falls into the latter category since MCSS is not a “Complete” accounting of backup potential, it is an actual % of backup used.


From dashboard:

From Storage>Cloud

So it would be nice to see the cloud library as a pie chart, similar to the complete licensing in the Current Capacity widget.


How do you make widgets and put them on the dashboard?


Best answer by Prasad Nara 8 December 2021, 01:33

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5 replies

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That’s a very good question….let me talk to some folks internally to see what options exist for custom widgets.  We may need a CMR, but I’ll exhaust other avenues first.

I’ll be in touch!

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Are you not seeing this under the storage tile of dashboard ? 

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@Mike Struening thanks for looking into it, I hope you have some success, and let me know

@Prasad Nara  the Storage widget on the dashboard only reports on-premises disk libraries, not cloud libraries. I can open the Storage admin page (provided in screenshot when I opened this post) and see the MCSS library. However, the question is, how do I add a widget to the main dashboard page. 

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At the moment we don’t have support to add new widget.

From 11.23 and higher we show the MCSS and other cloud libraries in the storage widget. 

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Thanks for that update @Prasad Nara!

I’m running 11.22 so that would explain why I don’t see the cloud library in the storage widget. We are due to update to 11.2x in the spring, so can look forward to that minor improvement tweak of the dashboard.