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Hello Community,

I am a tenant admin in Commvault so I don't have access to Commcell or Java console. But I can add NAS, servers, virtualization. I currently have a problem with NAS backups from Isilon and each incremental job takes 7 or 8 hours. The data size is 1TB and there are more than 2 million files.
I first added a NAS, i.e. Isilon (with array), using add server and then a CIFS subclient as backup source. Since we already started with version 11.28, I assume that the changelist for Isilon is enabled. But I don't understand why an incremental job takes so long every day. Strangely, I see that after a synthetic backup, the incremental job only takes about 30 minutes. But the next day it will take 8 hours again.
I would like to ask if anyone has had a similar experience. Many thanks in advance.


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Hello @Mohammad 

My first thought would be the scan of 2million items are causing the long running job but if you followed these steps that should be much faster with the change tracking:

We will need to review the logs to confirm it is working or if there is a different bottle neck. A support ticket for this is best. 


Kind regards

Albert Williams

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Hello @Albert Williams 

thanks for the reply.

You know what I´m looking for, the time given in this table:

how is this possible? It looks like a fairy tale with 12 Mio Files.

I should definitely open a Ticket.