Storage utilization per storage policy

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Hello all-

I’m trying to find a report that will output something that I think is super basic:  list my 5 storage policies, and tell me how much space each one is using.  I already know about the Client Storage Utilization by Storage Policy Copy report, but it shows me the client backup sizes within each policy and I don’t see how to total it very easily or customize it to see what I want. 

If that report can do it, can someone point me in the right direction to tweak it so I can get the info I’m trying to pull?  Or if someone knows of an easier way, that would be great.  I’ve checked the built-in reports in the console, command center and store.




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Hi @Austin Parker 

Have you tried the ”Jobs in Storage Policy Copies Report”

I feel like this would achieve your request.

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Hello @Austin Parker ,

You can also run the Storage Information report. Select the desired library(ies), and do not set any time range. The Total Data (GB) column will show how much space is occupied by each storage policy copy.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks all.  I got some really good info out of both of these.  


Hi All, Sorry for the thread hijack and resurrection. Having used the storage policy copy report to get this info for the last 6 years CV have changed it in FR32. The “size on media” was far more accurate then the new “estimated media size”.

I’ve looked at using the storage information report, and this may be usable, but wondered if anyone had any other ideas.