Using multiple drives for an aux copy job

  • 4 July 2022
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Hi all,

we would like to enable parallel copying, so that one aux copy job writes to multiple tapes at the same time to speed up the copy but also restore process.
I have already increased the device stream in the copy to 2, but it continues to copy with only one drive. 


Are there any other settings to be made for this?

Thanks in advance


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Hi @CVmjr !

there’s 2 pieces to configure here:

Primary Copy stream count: this is inherited from the Storage Pool/Policy itself and dictates how many device streams the Primary Copy will use (maximum)

Secondary Copy stream Count: This is how many streams the Aux Copy will use, as long as it is equal to or lower than the Primary.

Based on your screenshot, you are enabling 2 device streams for this storage pool.  Can you see how many streams the Aux copy has (would show combine to X streams)?

Note that the streams translate from copies consistently, so if your Primary jobs all went to stream 1, then they will do the same on the Aux Copy.  It won’t split the load across multiple streams.

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Hi Mike,

thanks a lot for your hint.

I now have the final solution. Due to the fact that it was a pool copy, I could not edit the multiplexing.
Here it was important that I use a new storage policy directly for the library and disable the multiplexing.

Thanks for your thint with the source streams.