Commserve Slow - upgraded to 11.25

  • 11 October 2021
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Hi All

We recently upgraded our commserve to 11.25 and since then the commcell / commserve server / backups are slow

The response time when accessing or doing anything on the commcell is dead slow.

Anyone facing this issue currently ? Any thoughts ?

8 replies

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Hey @wstbackup !

I’m not aware of anything like that at all.  I spoke with our SME in support who suggested opening a case as he is not aware either.

You know your environment so if you say the response is slower, then it is slower.

Can you share the case number here so I can track it?

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@Mike Struening  Thank you. Here is the case ID 211008-394

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There are other issues too since the upgrade:


  • CPU high utilization spikes on the CS
  • the description of the client is not visible at the console level. You can view it only on client computer → right click → view properties
  • newly discovered snapshot VM’s are not displayed in the client computers list inspite of user settings being correct
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Very interesting….definitely curious as to the cause here…..could be an incomplete upgrade where a file(s) didn’t get updated properly, but I’ll defer to the engineer (looks like you are on the phone now)!

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Was also planning to reinstall the console or if possible repair the commserve package installation..
Sure will give it a try too

Today the commvault technician has enbled SQL traces and will be gathering logs based on tonight’s problematic backups

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If the cpu is high on the commserve, is if because of the SQL?
If that is the case, you can maybe try to run a new full dbmaintenance (on the other hand, the ugprade should also trigger that)

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When troubleshooting, full dbmaintenance was the first thing we did - it did not help fix the issue. And yes, SQL is also highly utilizing the CPU. Below are the 2 top takers since the upgrade was performed


SQL Server Windows NT - 64 Bit

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Adding on, since the upgrade we also started to see a sudden increase in "Unable to quiesce guest file system" warning errors

Too many issues at a time to take!