How to get additional Drives "D:\" on Hyperscale hosted engine?

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Installing HyperScale (HS) with Secondary CS. My primary Index and DB located on separate drive letter (Ex: D:\  & E:\), but sec. CS on HS built with only C drive . CS LiveSync recommends that index & db location on pri and sec must be same.

 So how I can get an additional drives on sec. CS vm hosted on HS?


Best answer by Damian Andre 10 May 2021, 19:12

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Hi @Anuj 

Thanks for the question!

Let’s separate this request for a moment:

  1. How to enable additional drives on the Hyperscale RHEV Hosted Engine VM?
  2. CommServe LiveSync recommending index and DB on separate drives.


I’m not sure on the 1st.

So, I’ll address the 2nd one.

Commserve LiveSync uses the SQL agent to sync SQL database from primary CS to passive CS.

This happens by performing a backup on active CS, followed by restore to passive CS on a schedule, usually every 15 minutes.

That being said, Commserve backups (Disaster recovery and LiveSync) are not deduplicated, so the storage policy shouldn’t have any DDB and the MA performing these tasks should be separate from both the Commserves.

So this probably rules out the requirement for Commserve to have additional drives for index and DB.

Is there another reason for additional drives on the Hyperscale Commserve VMs?





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Hi @Anuj,

Adding drives or modifying the CS VM in any way is not recommended, instead, ignore the recommendation about separating out the logs on to different drives. I will flag with the HyperScale team to make an exception in the docs.

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Hi Stuart and Damian,

Thanks both of you for response. 

@Stuart Painter Thanks for detailed response. There is no other reason for additional drives on HS. I was looking for it as I thought may be there is some way out which I am not aware of.

    Another reason why I was looking for it: in one of my next project (with 3k+ agents) , due to some conflict and unwanted delay in server procurement, its been proposed to setup both Pri & Sec CS on HS. I was thinking if I can have the binary, DB/Logs in different volume/disk to achieve better performance.


But @Damian Andre made it very clear. Its not recommended as of now..



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HI @Anuj 

I see the full picture now, requesting different drives for Commserve DB and logs, somehow I read your original post as MA Index and DDB on Commserve.

As @Damian Andre suggests, best practice is to leave the CS in it’s default state on Hyperscale and so I have marked that response as Best answer.