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  • 23 August 2021
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Hi all,

We currently have upgraded to 11.23.21 and currently strategising implementing the new CV Server Backup Plans.  In the meantime, there is a new set of critical servers that can only be backed up when they have been shutdown and absolutely no other software or agents (especially CV agent) can be installed and they can’t be VM snapshotted while online - only when powered off.

Apparently this will only happen every 2-3 months when windows updates are installed, and will completed by normal staff members (not CV administrators), so they need access to Commvault and instructions on how to perform a manual backup.

So can anyone let me know what would be the easiest, most risk-free way for them to do this in Classic commvault ways or the new Server Backup Plan way please?

I’m still learning, so any instructions would be most gratefully accepted.

Thanks, DM


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Hi @DMackay ,


Since the backup of these machines is infrequent, you could simple create a Subclient (VM Group is Command Center) with the VM’s associated. - Then Associate the Subclient/VM Group to a Storage Policy.
Note: Do not associate to a Plan or Schedule Policy as this would allow Jobs to start as per the schedule.

This would however still allow manual backups of the VM’s to be started from either console (or scripted/Command line).


Depending on the Hypervisor you could use Discovery Rules to specify the VM’s, for Example in VMware you could set All Discovery Rules:

  • VM Name/Pattern (Or TAG) contains = *crit_ad_hoc_backup*
  • Power State = Powered Off

This would allow backup backups of the VM that meet All of the Rules as specified.


Let us know your thoughts on this and if anyone has anything else to add here.


Bets Regards,



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We openend a CMR to introduce support on conjunction with server plans to have a possibility to create on-demand backups with a possibility to specify the retention for the to be created recovery point. 

While thinking about it could also be achieved if they would enhance blackout-windows to add support to allow on-demand backups during a blackout period. 

All future things but for now I think the solution as presented by @MichaelCapon is as far as I can think off the mos logical way of doing it and it only requires you to hook-on the subclient/vm-group to the storage policy related to the plan although I'm not sure if this possibility will remain in the future.