Proper way to set up subclient in a VMware virtual client.

  • 29 July 2021
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So we recently had a run in with a database issue with our VMware client, which made us not allow us to add or modify new/existing subclients. Although i never got a straight answer as to what caused it, the rep was hinting that we had way to many subclients. 

My question is two fold; How do we properly and efficiently group them together inside the virtual client, and if we have for example 20 vm’s together inside a subclient, if one fails, how do we backup that individual failed vm without having to re-backup the other 19 that were sucessfull? We have a tape enviroment so backing up redundant data is something i am trying to avoid.


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Hey @TP_Erickson !  I looked into the case (looking initially for a hard number of subclients that would be the issue).

However, your issue was an edge case around a prior update.

Here is the note for the initial update:

While opening VMWare subclient properties, GUI makes a call to get list of restore clients. After v2 was introduced, GUI started receiving all VMs part of vcenter mentioned in instance level of that subclient. This resulted in showing VMs in client computers list even if show vm option is unchecked on client computers customize view list.

and here’s the note from the update created for this issue:

Null exception due to lack of null check. Edge case regression due to form

Based on the above, it sounds like there was a null result in some form the Properties were trying to pull up, but there was no null check option….so since the item had a null value and the properties had no way of interpreting that result, it would never open.  The update for your edge case added a method of handling a null value.

I don’t have further detail, though let me know if you have any questions.

Regarding your grouping question, v2 VMs can run individual full from the vm instance via the GUI.

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Even without indexing V2 enabled, there is an option for V1 that allows you to backup failed VMs only. Check this out: