Blogs for Activate?

  • 17 September 2021
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Are there any activate blogs? Any news or tip’s tricks? I have been using it for about 6 months and really enjoy it. I would like to see who else is doing FSG and other query’s. If there is not one - would any of you be interested in reading one?

3 replies

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I’ll echo that I’d love to read any blog you can write, @Matthew M. Magbee !  Just send me a pm once you do and I’ll convert the type!

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Hi @Matthew M. Magbee - first off, thanks for the feedback and the offer!  It would be awesome if you wanted to post a blog about your learnings and tips/tricks with Activate and FSO.

You can post in the Share Best Practices area - select “Conversation” as the topic type - and then Mike or I can convert it into a more formal blog.

I also checked in with our product and solutions leads, and they said we don’t currently have any blogs, but we do have some different video assets that may be relevant. (These may be a little more high level / intro oriented.)

Looking forward to seeing your post! 



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Thanks for the question @Matthew M. Magbee.  I’m checking internally.