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Hello community !


I have a Linux physical media agent.

If I want to granular restore Windows files I need a Windows Virtual machine thaht act as a proxy  exact ? 


I have installed a Windows proxy with roles

  • VSA
  • MediaAgent

I have create a 1TB virtual disk on this proxy for live browse and I defined the Jobresult folder to this disk

I select  Guest files and folders 

Then, on Advanced options I specify the Livebrowse Proxy and I click on view content



I click on + near the VM I have this error message



If I leave default settings I can browse without issue


Thank you !


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Hello Bloopa,

What needs to be done here is to add the Windows VSA proxy to the VMware Instance.  Once that is done when a Windows VM is browsed it will automatically select this machine for the browse.  The error you received when you forced it to use the Windows Media agent is that the Index does not reside on that media agent so it now needed to build the Index on that Media agent before it would allow browse. If you don’t want to use this machine for backup you will need to override the VSA proxy list on the subclients so that this machine is not part of the proxy list. 



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Hi, check this topic I created weeks ago as I had the same configuration and (almost) same concern :



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To add in Feature Release 23 a Windows Proxy is no longer required

Live Browse for Restores Using a Linux MediaAgent (

Software Requirements

The following software is required to live browse using a Linux MediaAgent:

  • NTFS-3G package installed on the Linux MediaAgent (NTFS-3G is installed automatically when you install or upgrade to Commvault 11.23)

  • Commvault Feature Release 11.23 or later installed on the MediaAgent

  • One of the following operating systems must be installed on the MediaAgent:

    • CentOS 7.x, 8.x

    • RHEL 7.x, 8.x


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Hi @Mitch Mellin,

Documentation is not clear or maybe no updated. Focusing in VMware, it still claims that you need both options for VSA OS in case of granular restore, Linux and Windows: “For browse and restore operations, use a Linux proxy and MediaAgent to browse Linux guests, and a Windows proxy and MediaAgent to browse Windows guests.”

“Use a Windows MediaAgent to perform a live browse operation for Windows guest VMs”


Also you still need a Windows MA when restoring from IntelliSnap backup:

“For live browse of IntelliSnap backups, you must use a Windows MediaAgent to browse”

I have reviewed the new features of FR11.23 internally and externally and there is no mention to this new feature, that I find quite relevant to be listed: