Replacement Drives for HyperScale X Reference Architecture, and adding new nodes

  • 22 March 2023
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2 related questions -

  1. If a drive dies on one of the nodes in my RA setup, and that capacity drive is no longer available but a larger one is, can I replace the drive with the larger capacity one and the system operate with perhaps using a fraction of the capacity?  e.g. a 8TB drive dies, could I replace it with a 12TB drive (& perhaps the system just use 8TB of that space)?
  2. I want to add an additional node, but the new nodes are only available with larger capacity drives.  Can I do that, and if Yes then will it use a subset of the capacity so the usable is the same as the existing nodes?



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Hi @Skarra 

Commvault documentation states:

  1. Before attaching the new disk, verify the following:
    The capacity of the new disk is equal to the disk that you want to replace.

  2. New nodes must be identical to the existing nodes in the storage pool, with the same drive count and drive size.

Would it be technically possible, probably yes.
But it is a deviation from what Commvault states as a requirement.
If I was in your position, I would contact Commvault and ask this question in order to prevent issues regarding support.

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Hi @Skarra 

  1. Yes, but manual steps will need to done for now. We should have a fix in future.
  2. We support for now with manual steps and are coming up with a fix.


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Thank you for both responses.