24 time format in command center

  • 19 May 2023
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Hi everyone,


is there a way to change the time format to 24h in the command center?

For the Console I found the Option in the User Preference, but these setting aren’t honored in the command center. A quick search in the documentation also didn’t find aynthing.

I also tried to change languages, but the time format wasn’t effected.

3 replies

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Can you please confirm if the computer accessing command center is configured in 24 hour?

Command Center typically inherits the browser and the browser inherits the system settings.

Can you please confirm if this is also occurring on different browser types?


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Hi Emils,


sorry for the delayed response, I was on vaccation.


Both System (Web-Server itself and the Client that access the Command Center) have 24h time format active.

I checked with Chrome and IE Edge on different systems, the time at the Job Overview always show 12h instead of 24h. Also editing a server plan also shows only the 12h time format.

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Thank you for the update. I would recommend raising a support ticket to have this investigated.

Thank you