backup history lookup is slow

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My commvault Server is on VM on vmware and when i search for any backup history it takes 2-3 minutes to display the results.

While for another client who is having phsyical server with same configuration , the result is instant.

what could be reason? where should i look for trooubleshooting


Best answer by Onno van den Berg 25 May 2022, 09:21

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As different clients show different performance while calculating results this seems to be DB performance related. Can you confirm if the issue is still at hand after running the workflow: DBMaintenance
Please select the DBMaintenance type option as: Full

This workflow will perform the following on the Commserve DB:

  • database integrity check

  • re-index of all tables

  • shrink of the database

If this does not help, how many records do both clients have, just to compare them.

If the amount of records is large due to date retention or lack of view filter options this might call for a review on the Commserve specifications.
What CPU/MEM/Disk (and what type of disk sas/ssd) resources are allocated to the Commserve?

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It’s a brand new installation and issue is from day i installed.

However, i will do the maint and let you know

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If this is from day one I don't expect this to be related to the DB internally.

A resource issue would be more likely and would like to check the Commserve specifications, also which formatting options are used on disk level.. Also check the ESXi resources to make sure the host can perform as needed.

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Hi, I would think that this Commserve VM looks undersized. 

A fresh install should always be ultrafast, otherwise undersized or something’s scanning activity like Antivirus or XDRs..

Can you provide this VM’s sizing details, if it’s a ‘all in one Commserve+MA/VSA...’, or if it has its DB stored on another volume than the rest of the product.. 

Such details would help explain the slow performance. 

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Don't think you will have to look within Commvault….. with the limited information given it sounds to me that you are running low on resources on your VM or that you are encountering an IO bottleneck on the presented storage solutions that houses the virtual CommServe. 

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AFIK there is a tool in commvault to test IOPS.

can someone tell me ? can we use it for VMDK also?


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@singhalyogi this has nothing to do with Commvault. better to look at it from a VMware perspective and from an OS perspective to see if you run into a lot of I/O wait. 

you could for example ask someone who has some knowledge around SQL to look at →

b.t.w looking at if from a Commvault perspective I assume you run the latest maintenance release for the installed feature release? 

and as @Laurent point out already AV can really impact the performance as well so take a close look at it as well.