Block level bk configuration for windows server

  • 19 November 2023
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according to the below: -

How Block-Level Backups on Windows Work (

I can't choose file or folder in subclient and I have to set the sub client to the whole volume or not?


2 replies

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Hi @Nez,

Yes you can select files or folders. The agent takes your content and then figures out the volumes which contain the subclient consent so that they can be snapped. Then from the volume, which blocks align to the files/folders you selected and back those up.

If you install the block level driver, it keeps track of the blocks that change upfront without figuring it out during the backup - much more efficient.

This option is really good when when backing up a LOT of files, and especially a lot of small small files.

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Hi @Damian Andre 

Thanks for your reply, may I do that for any type of storage the server’s Luns residing in or the server must be residing on arrays that support IntelliSnap Technology ?