• 4 November 2021
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Hello family, please i have request from a client asking us to take backup of their avaya server with recorded 

Now the question is, can it work?

Because of space constraints, they want to delete some recorded files after we have taken up.

My fear is does commvault has the capacity to ensure the restore will work? That is when we do restore.


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8 replies

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Hi @Alexzy,

With third party software I would always suggest to check the supported/recommended methods of backup and restores. - It’s likely that their software has a mechanism for backup/restores.


Is the Avaya Server Physical/Virtual machine here? 

Does the Avaya software have a scheduled backup to a share/disk?


Best Regards,


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Is the Avaya Server Physical/Virtual machine here? --» Yes.

Does the Avaya software have a scheduled backup to a share/disk? No



Kindly confirm if we can proceed to delete the folders and restore them when we have need for those recordings, as we’re having limited space on the drive.





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@Alexzy , when you say ‘yes’, are you saying the server is a physical server?

We can almost definitely backup and restore any flat files the Avaya server has, though you should check with Avaya on what they recommend.  They may have a script(s) to run before the scan and after the backup.

As luck would have it, I did find a case where someone asked the same question and the solution was:

As we discussed on the phone, we use Windows APIs to interface with the OS and vss. I confirmed with two of our senior engineers that if Windows can back it up, Commvault can back up the avaya application.

I would still see what Avaya suggests, but essentially you’ll be good.

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Thank You Mike Always,


the file has been backup as a file. So please i will wait for you guide on this before responding to the mail that they can go ahead to delete already backup file,


Since its back as a file, can we restore when need arise that they can feature the play recorded?

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I imagine so; as far as I know and recall the files are just flat wav files.  VSS should cover you for any open files during backup and you should be able to restore them easily.

A nice easy test is to move a handful of files out of the Avaya server, then run a restore and confirm they still work within the Avaya software/framework.

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Its not clear if this is a physical server or VM.

Assuming its a Physical server, I’d back it up using file system agent ensuring system state is selected. When it comes to recovery, use a 1-touch restore, to restore it back is a physical machine or even a VM. Make sure to test this - restoring as a VM using virtualize-me is a fast way to automate that.

If you want to erase recordings that have been backed up, you can use file system archiving to do that.


If its a VM, a regular VM backup should take care of it. You can also use archiving at the same time inside the guest just for the call recordings.

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ok thank you guys. this server is a vm before we did application aware of it. So I don't know.

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Application aware backups would help if there was SQL or something installed here; though it appears these are just flat files?  I would defer to what @Damian Andre suggested.