Can't backup SQL instance

  • 26 May 2021
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Getting this error, the job results is accessible, the user impersonation is configured correctly.

Description: Failed to register job with Job Manager. Please check the job results directory as it is not accessible.

worked fine until few days ago

any hints? :)


Best answer by Ron Potts 26 May 2021, 16:35

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4 replies

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Hello Eldan!

A couple of questions about the configuration if I may?

For this SQL Server, is this a Standalone SQL Server, or is it a server that is participating in a Microsoft Windows Failover Cluster, or perhaps a Microsoft SQL Server Availability Group Cluster?

Also, are you using a Service Account configured on the properties of the SQL Server IDA, or on the Instance Level?

Is the Job Results directory path configured as a Local Drive?

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Part of a cluster, service account configured on SQL server properties.

Job results path configured as a local drive, now I tried to change to another folder, getting this error “Destination directory cannot be created”, and the user is an admin on the server

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Thank you for this information. Are you also using a Cluster Client or are you attempting to backup through each of the physical nodes of the cluster?

Information on the deployment of the cluster client.


If you are using the Cluster Client to backup the SQL Server/ Instance (which is recommended so that we can follow the failover events) you would want to make sure that the Job results directory is configured on a Shared Drive that follows that specific SQL Cluster Group during failover. 

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The cluster configuration should be point to the role\group that contains the target data for the backup. The role\group should have it’s own name IP and disk resources which are configured as it’s own agent in the GUI. The job results should be on the disk resources the role\group contain.