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  • 5 September 2023
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How can i check if big data apps clean running properly, because i see on the vm backup SP 142 big data apps jobs. We are using Inde V2 so the big data apps creating not on subclient level but on vm level? 


For example here is the printscreen of out vm SP. There 139 jobs of big data. Now i want to know if the clean up working or not.


We are using System Created for Index Backups that runs once a day. But i dont see the scheduler for clean up. How can i check it? 




5 replies

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HI @Egor Skepko,

For VMs it is at VM and Backupset level.

We keep 3 Index Backups for each Index DB.

You can check IndexCacheCleanup.log on the Index Servers.

Also, check our documentation:

Best Regards,


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Hi @Egor Skepko 


By downloading the Index Backup Retention Report, you can run the report against the Index Job ID and the results will tell you whether the Index Backup Job is protecting any backup jobs.

When protecting backup jobs, corresponding index jobs are required for browse and restore purposes.!/135/743/23630


If index jobs are not protecting any backup jobs, you can enable the parameters below and run a data aging job to see if it helps clean up index jobs.

Delete archive files of indexing backup associated with deleted backup sets

Definition: Use this parameter to specify the deletion of the index backup information after the deletion of associated backup set.

Default Value: 0

Range: 0 (disabled) or 1 (enabled)

Delete checkpoints for not currently active storage policies

Definition: When this option is enabled, checkpoints (Index backups) from inactive storage policies will be pruned with data aging job.

Default Value: 0

Range: 0 (disabled) or 1 (enabled)

Usage: Set this option to 1 and run data aging job to prune index backups from inactive storage policies.

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@Nutan Pawar G and @Sebastien Merluzzi Thank you for your advise and information. I wil check what i can find

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@Nutan Pawar G If i see job without protected job and saying try to run aging job. That mean i can delete that big data apps job??



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@Egor Skepko ,

Yes, you can run the data aging to see if that helps cleaning up the Index jobs. I do not recommend to delete them manually.


If the index jobs are still not cleaned up then consider enabling the parameter in Media Management and then run a data aging.

  1. Delete checkpoints for not currently active storage policies
  1. Delete archive files of indexing backup associated with deleted backup sets

After the cleanup, revert the parameter settings.