commvault agent installation error

  • 2 June 2022
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Hi All,


I had uninstalled the commvault agent on the AIX client, however when I am trying to install the agent back its failing with error “Failed to install File System Core Package, could not determine processor/OS type of client.” Help please.

From the logs:

24980 635c  06/02 13:47:22 7545295 GetRemoteProcessorType() - SSH port is set to [], key file path is [], use passphrase [false]
24980 635c  06/02 13:47:23 7545295 GetRemoteProcessorType() - Login check succeeded on remote machine [].
24980 635c  06/02 13:47:26 7545295 GetRemoteProcessorType() - Unix installation temp directory is set to [/opt/simpana/seed].
24980 635c  06/02 13:47:26 7545295 GetRemoteProcessorType() - Couldn't create the temp diretory [/opt/simpana/seed] for installation on the remote machine.
24980 635c  06/02 13:47:26 7545295 [GetClientOSType]() - Failed to compute the binary set name of client [].
24980 635c  06/02 13:47:26 7545295 [GetClientOSType]() - Override software cache is set to CS cache, Setting error status for client [66]
24980 635c  06/02 13:47:26 7545295 [fnCSUpdateDBJMStatusNew]() - Client status [ QINSTALL_ERROR_CPU_TYPE] set successfully in JMQinetixUpdateStatus Table  for client [ 66] [  ]
24980 2380  06/02 13:47:26 7545295 [CheckAndDownloadRequiredMedia]() - Download is not required.


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6 replies

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Hi @Shahzeb 


Whats the version of commvault client as the directory is pointing to /opt/simpana and not to /opt/commvault


Could you verify if the previous uninstall cleared on the directory's 


connect to the AIX server as root


ps -eaf | grep -i commvault

ps -eaf | grep -i simpana

commvault list

(If there are any process still running the above 2 commands will show)

Also verify if the following directories are still existing 

/etc/CommVaultRegistry, /opt/commvault, /var/log/commvault, /opt/simpana or /var/log/simpana 


Could you also confirm if you are using root account for the push install



Gowri Shankar





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Hi Gowri,

The commvault version is 11.24, /opt/simpana is the separate filesystem created for backup files.

we are using service account with sudo access to push install and had confirmed no commvault folder or process was running.

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@Gowri Shankar do we need to ‘reconfigure’ client post uninstallation to install back?

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Hi @Shahzeb,


No need to reconfigure the client

Got it /opt/simpana is a mount path 

could you paste the output of

ls -l /opt | grep -i simpana

ls -l /opt/simapna




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Had to manually install the agent locally.

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Thanks for sharing your solution, @Shahzeb !