Different amount of clients to update in client computers content and summary.

  • 1 June 2023
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we have different amount of clients to update in tabs: content and summary. Is it a bug? I’ve stage the csdb and have the same issue.


Below 18 clients needs update:


and here only 12 clients requires update:





Best answer by Sebastien Merluzzi 14 June 2023, 11:35

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3 replies

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Hmm I don’t really have an explanation for this. Either way you carve it up, it does not add up (update as in maintenance release or update as in feature release).

I would trust the individual list view over the summary view - but it seems like there is a bug with the aggregate count.

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Hi @Lukasz A ,

I have found 2 CMRs for this issue however both were for older Commvault Versions (V8 & V10).

In your screenshots you should have 8 Clients Needs Update (FR28) and 10 that Needs Upgrade (FR20 & FR20).

So I agree, there is something not right there:


Can you raise a case so we can review?

Best Regards,

Sebastien Merluzzi


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Hi @Sebastien Merluzzi,

I ll ask the customer if it’s important for him. If so I am gonna raise a case.