Error code 72:106 Mount operation failed when trying to create a recovery point for Exchange DB Intellisnap

  • 7 September 2021
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Hi Pros!

I’m very new to commvault and have setup an Exchange DB backup with Intellisnap that has been running for a month or so. When we did the initial setup we verified that we could restore single mailboxes by creating a recovery point like described in this guide:

Now it doesn’t work. We try to browse and restore the mailboxes by selecting one DB and clicking “Recover Messages”, then selecting the MA and clicking “ok” and after that “list revovery points… after clicking “refresh” nothing shows up… only the text: “There are no items to show in this view”


When checking the job “Create recover point” it also says: Error code 72:106 Mount operation failed, Source: Mediaserver, Process: LiveBrowseServer

Anyone know why this happen?



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3 replies

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Hey @Combato , welcome to our community!

Can you share the contents of the LiveBrowserServer.log from the time you tried to do the browse?  That should give us some solid direction to investigate.


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Thank you Mike!

After viewing the LiveBrowserServer.log I found that the MA didn’t have any iSCSI connections anymore. Have now fixed this in the netapp SVM by adding igroup for each SVM.

Everything is now working!

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Nice job!  GREATLY appreciate you sharing the solution as well!

Glad to have been of help (this time and the next)!