FS Synthetic Full Going Pending

  • 10 January 2022
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Happy Monday All.

Wondering of any of you have experienced some of these errors while trying to run Synthetic Fulls on a FS Client;

Job goes pending with the code

Error Code: [19:1109]
Description: Please check the log files for this job for more details.

Increased the debug and get some additional info. 

CS StartSyntheticFull.Log

13828 3c34  01/10 11:42:37 17938517 STARTRESTORE Failed to get archFile information from IndexServer for synthetic full preparation phase : [0xECCC03E9:{FSStartRestoreService::HandlePreparePhaseForSynthFull(16890)} + {I2::IdxSrvClient::FindInternalProcessRequest(417)} + {SynthFullCallBack::ProcessResponse(16642)/ErrNo.1001.(Unknown error)-Received error from Index server}]
13828 3c34  01/10 11:42:37 17938517 STARTRESTORE Notifying Job Manager: completion status = [FAIL]


Media Agent 

22568 6d80  01/10 11:42:37 17938517 I2::FSQualifier::QualifyFSItemsFromAllComponents Error while qualifying FSItems : [0xECCC0016:{I2::FSQualifier::QualifyFSItemsFromAllComponents(1218)} + {I2::FSQualifier::SynthesizeComponent(789)} + {I2::FSQualifier::FillRestoreRecord(316)/ErrNo.22.(Invalid argument)-Failed to find Node Table entry for nodeId [676101]}]


Thanks in advance.


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3 replies

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Hey @dude !

I looked up both messages to see which was more specific, and the first one had MANY causes and resolutions (recycling/rebooting, running a new Inc or Full, and communications issues).

The second one shows up twice, one is 5 years old, and the other was a result of MR levels not matching across the servers.

If you’re looking for a quick fix, try a new normal full (not always an option) or a new Inc after a quick service restart.

If that doesn’t work, create a support case (and let me know the case number because I want to get a CMR in to fix that error code).

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Sounds like the index for this client is broken - have you looked at the indexing reports? Might get more information there. Synthetic fulls are in essence, restores, so you want to get this resolved for sure before you need it.

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Full followed by some additional incrementals, seems to have worked.

Thanks guys.