How to backup gfs2 file system using GlusterFS or GPFS, without normal agent backup?

  • 2 December 2021
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HI Team, i have gfs2 file system cluster nodes and looking for an backup type of gluster fs or gpfs - but neither of them are able to backup gfs2 type. Glusterfs - skips the gfs2 file system stating “skipping it as its a gluster subclient”, GPFS type- doesn't even identify the content, mean there is “no gpfs content found “is the log says.. wondering any possible way without normal FS agent backup to backup gfs2 fs Appreciate your help.. Thanks..!


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9 replies

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Hi @Ashok Somasundaram !

This sounds like there’s something else going on potentially.

We should be backing it up unless I am missing something (, so I’ll get some of our experts to review this and reply.

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@Ashok Somasundaram 


To protect GlusterFS follow the steps to configure a pseduo client with in commvault and schedule the backups 


Follow the steps from the link →

HI @Mike Struening  @Gowri Shankar , 

Thankyou for your inputs, i have been searching for GFS2 type to backup directly using bigdata apps, not with regular idataagent. Hope you got my query clear now..?

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@Ashok Somasundaram , sounds like you’re asking about a direct agent?  I’ll defer to @Gowri Shankar , though I don’t think we have one.

Might be a valid CMR.

@Mike Struening  - yes i am referring to the direct agent, and yeah it should be an new feature request though. Thanks for your inputs again @Mike Struening @Gowri Shankar .

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Ok, @Ashok Somasundaram .  Appreciate the details!  I’ll confer with @Gowri Shankar and see if dev will accept a CMR (will create in your name if possible) and reply back here.

Give me a few days to get a response to and from dev.

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Hi @Ashok Somasundaram , I spoke to some of our internal expertts who advised that they don't think a direct agent is possible for GFS backups because the backup involves multiple clients that share gfs file system. Only pseudo agent can bring multiple clients together and backup as one image.

Let me know if that makes sense.

Hi @Mike Struening  thankyou for your inputs, but i didn't get a bit though.. if GPFS and GultsterFS is possible with master node and data access nodes, then why not GFS2 possible? can you clarify please? thanks

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Hi @Ashok Somasundaram,
There are no special features in GFS2 that require a different approach like we do with GPFS or GlusterFS thus the regular FS agent is capable of backing up GFS2.


If you want to increase the throughput by using multiple nodes you can use GFS2 with the network share client:


Treat GFS2 as NFS, mount it on all nodes, then run it as a multi node backup.


Hope this helps