How to copy set of latest DR Backup

  • 14 June 2021
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Hwo to copy set of latest DR Backup?
Commvault is requesting to send.


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Hi Fernando, 

You can do one of the following. 

  1. Sendlogs and then select the box for latest DB
  2. Navigate to your DR Backup location and under DR Config and zip the latest set and upload.

Hope this helps

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Hello Fernando,

You can collect the most recent Commserve DB from Send Logs operation. 

Just make sure to select “Get Latest Database” option:

If the Commserve does not have access to upload the logs directly via HTTPS, you can also select a local output and manually upload the logs bundle (including DB) to the case via Maintenance Advantage web site.


Hope this answers your question!


Best regards,

Sarahy Pardo


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@Fernando Souza - another tip, if you connect your CommCell to the cloud, the support team can do it for you, remotely, even while the engineer is in another timezone and you are living it up at the beach or the ski slopes (hopefully :grinning: ).

All you need to do is enable proactive support - it also allows us to detect any anomalies and send you alerts that you should be aware of.