how to create install/upgrade rpm package

  • 13 August 2021
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 recently we figure out that we are not able to use decoupled rpm package for upgrades: yum update.

even worse it can break yum update process. I found way how to create this kind of package. Solution is to create  install and update package from same source and merge them to one. how to catch spec file is in my previous post than you have to copy binaries from packages to one. For upgrade binaries I changed path from /opt/commvaultUpgrade to /opt/commvault/Upgrade so everything is under one path /opt/commvault. Then you have to merge spec files. I used install spec files as destination and added upgrade spec differences. Here is how to recognize type of process (install/upgrade).


I worked just with v11FR20MR60(Linux) so it is reason why this post is so generic.



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Hey @HasaFilip 

thanks for sharing this tip !!