How to group subclients using subclient tags that are under Virtualization Client. (Amazon, Google Cloud Platform) to run Backup Summary report.

  • 29 November 2022
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I want to classify certain subclients in a Virtualization client using tag

I see that we can add tags at subclient level

For ex: certain subclients would belong to Application : Group A

some are in Group B, some are in Group C 


With this I want to run Backup summary report using that tags, there will be 3 reports each for Group A, B and C


I don’t see an option to achieve this


I’m not able to segregate/ select subclients in report using subclient tags.


Also while creating client computer group , we can have automatic mapping with criteria Clients with tags

but there is no option to create a group with subclients with tags



2 replies

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@alligator , all I am seeing is an API request to get Tags or Tag details:

Will that meet your needs?

Regarding the Automatic Groups, let me check with our docs team.


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i would also like to know how do we do a search for tags with a specific value

even I’m finding trouble checking that

because it would only show

suppose I’m adding a tag : AppGroup with value Group A, Group B, Group C

how do i filter and create a Client group which has a tag AppGroup with value Group A

another client group with AppGroup value as Group B and another client group with AppGroup value as Gorup C